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Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

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Letter of Appreciation with New Idea for Global Heart Network

I received this letter from Annabel Lavielle who I met in Washington DC during Lobby Day for Congenital Heart Disease. Annabel is the mother of a CHD survivor and has developed an innovative idea for improving cardiac care in the developing world. Anyone who is interested may contact her directly:

“I read your deeply moving and profound book’ Immortal Bird’ last weekend.  It is a powerful and courageous account of the strength of love and faith, and however unjust it may be for a life tragically cut so short, Damon lived his life to the full thanks to a loving and wonderful family, that having read the book we feel we know a little.

Thank you so much for all of us for this powerful testament.

We are developing a technology platform to reduce the mortality rate of heart disease in the developing world, see  The GHN is designed to serve stakeholders working in the field by creating conditions for collaboration and innovation. The platform allows the sharing of data & information, best practice and new standards of care across the developing world.  The essential goal of the GHN is to effect change in reducing the global inequality in access to cardiac care through collaboration that will change the way cardiology services are delivered.

To meet this goal, the GHN is working to improve cooperation and collaboration; implementing effective and feasible strategies; and informing efforts via the technology platform. The first phase Alpha is the creation of a web based and mobile platform.

Best wishes



Annabel Lavielle

President, Founder

Global Heart Network Foundation

Phone (US): +1 415.832.0653

Skype: annabelgreenlavielle


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Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

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