Immortal Bird Postscript

Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

Big Ride Update: Day 47

–Friday we biked 63 miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Poolesville, Maryland, entering our twelfth and final state. It was a gently rolling ride with a mix of horses and farms and fields and historic towns like Taneytown and Frederick and a nice stretch along Francis Scott Key Highway. Although Maryland, which has the highest median family income in the country, is largely services oriented–defense/aerospace, biotechnology, government, education, medicine–we rode through many rural, agricultural sections. We are camping in a field behind Poolesville High School and were given access to Western County Outdoor Pool. We had dinner at Bassett’s resturant courtesy of the American Lung Association which sent the Pacific Coast representative for the Big Ride, Laura Sanford, to celebrate with us. Tomorrow we bike to the finish line in Washington DC.


Big Riders depart Gettysburg in the morning and ride along the battleground


Early morning fog and a near-full moon create a ghostly atmosphere over the historic battlefield


If you turn round on leaving Pennsylvania for Maryland you get the welcome sign we never saw when we entered Pennsylvania from Ohio.


And here is the welcome to Maryland stone marker. The stone is one of more than a dozen positioned along the Maryland-Pennsylvania border denoting where the Mason-Dixon line is located. The stones were originally placed along the line 245 years ago by surveyors Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, who were assigned the task of denoting where the state border between Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania existed to stave off a dispute.


Fog-bound sun over a field in Maryland, a small border state sometimes called “America in miniature”


Biking along fields on Harney Road


A curious 9/11 memorial in Taneytown where General Meade established his temporary h.q. to stop Robert E. Lee’s army from attacking Baltimore or Washington


Cows in a field


Grazing horse. We went through a good bit of horse country


A field of sunflowers near New Midland


The Monocacy River in Frederick, the largest tributary of the Potomac in Maryland. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean via Chesapeake Bay


Another bend in the Monocacy River where we ate lunch


A farm on the road to Dickerson


Cornfield with a smokestack in the bg


The wonderful Western County Outdoor Pool where we frolicked in the water and were allowed to use the showers.


Laura Sanford, Pacific Coast rep for the American Lung Association who was our key liaison for the Big Ride, congratulates the Big Riders at Bassett’s restaurant in Poolesville.


Gene Nash, our indispensable mechanic, gets an award plaque for “keeping the wheels rolling.”


Big Rider Steve Lindbeck gets a plaque for his stellar fundraising effort.


Ride directors Charlton DuRant and Lynn Petrotti receive a well-deserved award for their outstanding leadership of the Big Ride


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Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

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