Immortal Bird Postscript

Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

Surprising reader response to Immortal Bird

I recently received my fifth or sixth reader letter with a similar, surprising and ultimately gratifying response to Immortal Bird. The letters have come from both men and women in their child-bearing and child-rearing years. The first few letters came from women friends. Both asked to read my book. One was pregnant and about to give birth and the other was trying to get pregnant, so I was unsure whether this was the best time for them to read Immortal Bird. But they insisted and I gave them each a copy. In their response, they both told me that my book, despite its subject, had reaffirmed and even revitalized their desire for motherhood.

More recently, a male friend sent me this response:

“…I will mention one more thing because I think it applies. Since I moved out on my own, single for the first time in my adult life, I have expected that this is how things would stay. My friends are getting married and having kids–eight weddings and five births in 2011 alone–but I have shut off these hopes. Strange as it may sound, given all you’ve suffered, but the one thing that’s made me reconsider that is your book. To find the room inside yourself for such boundless love, even if it means unimaginable pain, seems to me the fullest way of being alive. Anything else is a shadow of that. You make me want to be a father. That’s something I thought I would never want again. And I think you’re the kind of father that I hope one day I could be. Thank you for that example, as a writer and a man, and for giving me the chance to read this towering book.”


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Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

Doron Weber on Immortal Bird Aftermath

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